Invalid: Codebreaker v10 Crash PCSX v1.2.1
Downloaded it yesterday, and it was working great. Tried adding new codes, and it saved to the memory card and everything was fine. Tried booting up the game afterwards (Dragon Quest VIII) but the code I had input wasn't working (the preloaded Codebreaker code I used as well worked just fine) so I quit the game and tried to go back into Codebreaker, but the game hitched on the "Please wait...reading memory card" screen, and stayed there until it crashed. In the PCSX2 log I got this in all red

(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053338 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333b [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333a [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053338 [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053338 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333a [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333b [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333c [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333f [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333e [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333c [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333c [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333e [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205333f [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053340 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053343 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053342 [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053340 [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053340 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053342 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053343 [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053344 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053347 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053346 [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053344 [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053344 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053346 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053347 [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053348 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334b [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334a [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053348 [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053348 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334a [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334b [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334c [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334f [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334e [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334c [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334c [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334e [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x205334f [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053350 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053353 [load]
(EE pc:001010DC) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053352 [load]
(EE pc:00100580) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053350 [load]
(EE pc:00100680) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053350 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053352 [load]
(EE pc:0010069C) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053353 [load]
(EE pc:001010C0) TLB Miss, addr=0x2053354 [load]

PCSX2 then stops working and I have to close it. I downloaded CB v9.2 as well to see if that helped, and the same thing happened. I enabled the EE timing hack to see if that would help, nothing. Messed with my video settings, nothing. I checked to see that the memory card wasn't corrupt or anything and booted up several games to test and it's working fine. I don't know what any of the aforementioned red text means, I just know it has never showed up for me before this. Any tips for me?

EDIT: I'm not certain if this is the right thread for my problem, I don't use these often and this seemed like a good place to put it. Let me know if I need to move my post somewhere else.

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Quote:I downloaded CB v9.2

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Thank you for your report.
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