Invalid Unpack error. Thread name 'EE Core'
Hey there I am a new user. I have Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for PS2 and I ran it with PCSX2. Right during the first screen (in which they say to please wait because they are checking for a memory card slot), I get a error message saying:
..\..\x86\newVif_UnpackSSE.cpp(249) : assertion failed:
Function: VifUnpackSSE_Base::xUnpack
Thread: EE Core
Condition: false
Message: Vpu/Vif - Invalid Unpack! [11]

[00] 0x013A710E
[01] 0x013A055D

When I click 'Ignore', the game gets stuck with a distorted noise.

How do I fix this? Please help soon.

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