Invencible enimies Ace combat 5 (Hit box bug)
Hello there everyone (finally i managed how to do a thread kkkkkk). Here's the situation:
I allready see a lot of this bug report, on some missions your tagets becomes invencibles, your missiles just pass throught then and its impossible to go ahead. (And you can pass throught the ground so its impossible to "crash" on this missions)
So i tried ass ***** to fix it, i managed all the possible fixes, graphics, hacks, automatic corrections, i only get some progress with the codeBreaker, but u just "skip" the mission and the other one has the same problem.
This problem doesnt ocorrier at the version 1.4.0. being present at the versions 1.5.0 and 1.6.0. But on 1.4.0 the graphics its simple the worse and its virtually unplayable.

I wanna know if i could managed the versionĀ 1.4.0 to "read" the graphic plugin settings of the version 1.5.0. I strongly believe that this problem occorred because of 1.5.0 update that ***** up the hit box (at least in some Pcs).

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