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Invisible Board in Itadaki Street Special (GSdx)
I'm quite busy with various stuff so I won't be able to have a look soon. But it feels like a core bug rather than a GSdx bug. I guess disabled alpha testing drop some draw call in zerogs and likely broke the GS rendering.

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Hum, hum. I have the feeling that rendering bug is due to core rounding. I'm currently looking at your trace. I can see the draw call that ought to draw the missing element. However the configuration is quite strange.
* Alpha of the fragment is 0, so GS will always (for any configuration) output 0 for alpha
* Alpha test is enabled. All fragments that have a 0 alpha will be discarded
=> conclusion the full draw call is discarded.

My guess is that normal PS2 ought to output very small alpha values (range between 0-2). I really don't know. However maybe it would be possible to add a CRC hack to disable alpha test on this game when all pixels are rendered. It would avoid the null drawcall.
I pushed a CRC hack for this game. Which basically disable alpha testing for this game. The fix is only for the HW renderer (hope it won't have extra issues).
NVM I fiqure out my own question
Awesome, the board's there now Smile
Great. I think the rendering is still bad but at least you can play the game now Smile
Hi, I was trying out v1.5.0-dev-1939-gf3a89f5 with Itadaki but the board wouldn't show up. After a lot of messing around with the configurations I finally tried using pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-1233-gcedc4f2. The board finally showed up. Now I've just copied over the gsdx from the old build to the new build and it works as well.

If you need help to figure out which build started causing the CRC hack to not work, I can try to help going through them. But my internet is kinda wonky so it might take a while for me to download each build.

Also, is there any log output that the end user can see to know if a gsdx CRC hack is applied or not?

Edit: Afterwards, I also edited the file to allow the hack to work for the translation patch. Details as below:
With dichotomy, you can find the bad build with 10 tries. Are you sure that you configuration is correct. You need CRC on minimal at least
I did a quick test based on a GS dump and it regressed between dev-1389 and dev-1396.

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