Irregular High Speed Issue (FFXII Intl.)
I've been playing FFXII International using ver. .9.7, and for the most part, everything works great, but I'm getting a strange issue on and off.

Most of the time, the game runs at a steady 60 FPS and there are no issues, but randomly things will speed up, only to return to normal again either seconds later, or more often, when I go into a menu or area transition. The wierd thing is that the music and sound aren't effected, so I don't think it's skipping frames, and there are no issues during dialogue, cutscenes, etc, it's purely during times when I have control.

What I have noticed is that the EE% goes higher when this is happening (I'm normally at around 70% and it will be at 80-99% when it's doing this). I've fiddled around with my settings quite a bit, but nothing seems to help.

This is using GSDx SSE41.

Any ideas? I'm at a loss.

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