Is MSAA gone for good?
I noticed MSAA was removed from the newer dev builds. Any chance it will come back in later builds, or is it permanently removed?

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Directly from the last progress report:

Removal of MSAA. This form of anti-aliasing was removed due to its' incompatibility with newer DirectX features. At the same time, it was actively hindering development progress from being made due to a high amount of rendering bugs that were being produced while the code was still in place. On a more general note, keep in mind that MSAA has already fallen out of favor in most PC games in 2019 due to its' high overhead requirements. GS emulation is no stranger to this, as most systems would likely have no GPU overhead available to run MSAA without incurring major speed penalties. (on more demanding titles) FXAA is still available as a replacement to all users through the GSdx dialog or the Page Up keyboard shortcut.

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