Is Online play possible?
Hi everyone Smile pretty long time user of PCSX2 here and finally decided to join the forum because of a question I have.

I've been searching around for options of netplay / online playing.
I know the servers are all down but I've found posts about people saying they can skip the DNAS check to still play online and I was wondering if there is still an option like that and how to achieve it? I got a network connection set up for the emulator but that's about as far as I can go. Would really appreciate any and all help I can get on this Laugh

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which game ?
else, krakatos made a guide a while ago :
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Currently trying to get online with some friends on Champions Return to Arms / Champions of Norrath

Thanks for the guide Smile I believe i've stumbled accross it before in my frantic search haha I'll give it another go.

Also I can see that that guide was made/edited in early 2016 before all the game servers were put down.
You could try substituting xlink kai servers for the oficial ones ( It has been a while since I have cared about multiplayer in games though so I don't kno if a better alternative exists. I am also not sure if it is one of the supported games or not.
If all else fails you and your friends could just use Parsec to do up to 4 players online since Champions of Norrath did have local multiplayer.

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