Is OpenGL going to be removed?
Rather than creating an issue at github,I am going to ask here
I rarely use pcsx2 and I just downloaded the latest QT beta
When I run anything else,everything is fine(auto automatically uses Vulkan instead of OpenGL on my GTX 1060 gpu)

When I run ANY and I really mean ANY game I have,OpenGL runs extremely slowly(below 30 on some games)and there is loads of graphical errors
Is that because OpenGL is not ported properly yet to QT or there is some bug with it

Here are some exaples(the only non default settings is 3x scaling)
When I run any game I see this in the console
"[ 982.9052] [GameDB] Could not find '' in GameDB"

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Linux exists Smile

However I can't reproduce the graphical errors you're experience, OpenGL is pretty much parity to Vulkan for me (Except the speed of course), but if thre is a problem, we need to know about it.

Please upload some single frame GS Dumps of the problems you're experiencing and we can have a look.

but yeah for linux OpenGL and Vulkan are the only choices, they don't have the two lots of DX that we have.
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Here is a single GS dump for all 3 games I posted above(I change to native resolution if it matters)
When I use "PCSX2 Nightly - v1.7.2665" a much older version,everything works fine in OGL
Sorry, I can't reproduce, it looks fine here...

When you updated, you were sure to update your resources folder, right?  I'm not sure what else to suggest..

For some reason it's not letting me upload the KH picture. I've had serious issues with uploading files in chrome recently..

Edit: Got it to upload elsewhere
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(06-12-2022, 10:39 PM)refraction Wrote: When you updated, you were sure to update your resources folder, right?  I'm not sure what else to suggest..

What do you mean,I just downloaded the latest version 3 weeks ago and extract it into a new folder(nothing in it have anything from my old pcsx2 version)
I enable the update checking and when there is updates I install it with the updater

Also this is what I just tried
1.Download the latest Qt version and extract it into a new folder and just change the renderer to OGL and the scaling to change
2.Downloaded the latest wx version and did the exact same fine
That's very strange, i dunno what's wrong then Sad Qt is fine here (as you can see above), as is WX.

I'll get Prafull to check it also, he has a 750Ti.
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Okay so Prafull tried the GS Dumps and couldn't reproduce the problem.

All I can suggest is maybe your OGL driver is corrupt or something, maybe uninstall and DDU your driver, then make sure you have the latest from Nvidia's site and see if that resolves it at all.

Other than that, I'm sorry, I've got nothin'
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Ok I find out what's wrong and I am not sure how can it be fixed on the pcsx2 side(other than renaming the exe...or just wait until wx is abandoned and the exe is renamed to just pcsx2)

1.When OpenGL is selected,you do not have a choice which gpu to use
2.nVidia have a database that chooses the gpu and for pcsx2,the nvidia gpu is selected
Now since the exe is not named "pcsx2.exe",the nvidia threats this as unknown program and it is using the default gpu which is the intel card

If I rename the exe to pcsx2,then it works fine
If I add pcsx2-qtx64-avx2 to the nvidia database it will also work
If I add pcsx2-qtx64-avx2 to the windows "Graphic Settings" it will also work

The problem is,all this requires uses interactions(there are noobs out there Laugh ) with the nvidia\windows settings just because the pcsx2 name is not pcsx2

Also I said that the wx works fine but that was simply because I renamed the exe without thinking that this was the actual problem
When I rename the exe and update pcsx2,pcsx2 after the update will run the same exe file,not the new one so if the old one had a different name,it will keep telling you that there is an update

I did post a bug about the name but it was closed and marked as invalid
You can make an Nvidia profile for PCSX2 yourself to select the GPU, you don't need to rename it or wait on Nvidia.
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