Is PCSX2 still Dual-Threaded?
I remember posting here back in 2007 when Dual-Core CPUs were the norm.

I had bought a Q6600 and asked whether the emulator was multi-threaded.

I was told 'No'.. 'because there just aren't enough people with Quads'.

With the recent 0.9.8 release, I thought I'd ask again.

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Only two cores are utilized atm.
On the google source code page it says:
"Note: PCSX2 only takes advantage of 2 cores so far; so a quad-core processor will not help with speed. We still plan to add quad-core support at a later date, if possible."

I dont know what the current plan is.
they added a 3rd thread for stability purposes, and they're focusing on dual cores for now. personally I would hope they stick to that and make it all the better, because then quad cores would be just as usableas dual cores, seeing as quads are generally clocked lower
Its still mostly 2 threads. The gui can run on a third thread but the difference is minimal at best. Pcsx2 is supposedly not well suited for multithreading and going for more threads would require a major rewrite of the code and offer only a small performance gain.
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My quadcore is faster than most people dualcore and that's a fact, jack!
Do not think it necessary, if we see very few pc games are optimized for quad-core
The newer pc games are now running faster on a quadcore than dualcore. So, is it optimized for quadcore? Probably. If anyone have a quadcore (4 cores with 4 threads) then you can actually see pcsx2 utilize up to 59% in the task manager. What this mean is that you will get to squeeze every ounce of juice (fps) out of pcsx2 from a quadcore because it doesn't limits pcsx2.
An advantage I can imagine with Quad-cores is that two cores can entirely concentrate on Pcsx2 and the unused cores can do that tiny, minimal background work the OS might use etc.

Every little helps I guess.
Am I mistaken in thinking that there are still games that can't be played at full-speed on PCSX2?

I have a 2600k. It's a Quad-Core and it's clocked at 4.8Ghz. That's faster than any Dual-Core CPU.

I was thinking - if PCSX2 could take advantage of it, I could know 100% that every game will run (less compatibility issues).

But if it requires building PCSX2 from scratch, then.. I guess it's just too bad.
If the specific game uses something that is not correctly emulated yet... does not matter the power of the hardware... so, some games still don't play nicely.

In some games is just so off standard the way the developers implemented something than the emulator may still do the job but may do it so awkwardly slow that a more powerful CPU may help, still, probably the result might be glitched and only identifying and eventually workaround those "strange" implementations can enhance the emulator's accuracy.

IF the console specifications was openly known, PSX2 devs team would have a fairly easier life working on it, but I doubt Sony will give the specs away as far as I can see.

As to your statement, Twanming, it could be you saw something so "hacked" and general gamebreaking that can't be even dreamed to be a general solution. I think you are another "victim" of "Super speed hack joke" from a few years ago. Think... if something so "wonderful" was serious, why did it not make into the daily world yet?
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