Is Shadow of the Colossus at true 60fps possible?
The game runs at 15fps on a real ps2. So just wondering is it possible to emulate it at true 60fps by adding power to the virtual emotion engine?

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It does get better frames on pcsx2 that is for sure. Upscaled too.
Yes, it's very possible. There are two ways to get 60 fps:

1) Use speedhacks if your pc isn't fast or good enough.
2) If you have high-end hardware or pc that is capable of massive overclocking, then 60 fps or more can be obtained.
if it runs at 15 on a PS2 60 on PCSX2 = 15

that's just how it works.
I thought 30 fps was the fps cap on some ps2 games, not 15 fps. 15 fps would be way too slow! Any how, if the pc is fast enough, you can easily go beyond the ps2 fps limit meter. So, 30 fps is the max fps on ps2, then 30 fps on pcsx2 is the full speed of the game too. This is how thing really works in pcsx2 or emulation.
Tuanming: I think you misunderstand how things work... 60'fps' on PCSX2 is actually the (NTSC) TV refresh rate and has nothing to do with the ACTUAL frames rendered. Nearly every PS2 game's frame rate is locked to a factor of 60 to maintain proper vsync (so 60, 30, 20, 15, etc), For a (NTSC) game to be running 100% real time speed it ALWAYS has to run at 60fps in PCSX2 but that has nothing to do the actual amount of frames rendered.

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the very few games that has a completely variable frame rate. This was done because of just how much it pushed the PS2 hardware with most of the time the game running at a (relatively for PS2) low true framerate often hovering around 15fps.

So what the OP is actually asking is if there is any way to get PCSX2 to have the game render 60FPS... If any game were possible, it would be this one as the game wouldn't require any modification... in theory. Still it would require a kind of reverse speed hack where you emulate a higher clocked PS2... and there isn't any guarantee that a higher clocked PS2 wouldn't wreak havoc on some of the more delicate timings of the PS2 causing random crashes or the game even running at all.

Plus taking into consideration the monster PC you'd need for it Wink
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Well... yes, running SotC in pcsx2 does render frames at true 60 fps (with speedhacks off). Just record a video clip using gsdx's F12 key and see for yourself.

Having pcsx2 run the game at 60fps in realtime is whole different matter though.
I found that SotC even drops below 60fps at times (as reported by PCSX2) when @ 4.9Ghz. Enabling Speedhacks didn't help those times, but as soon as I moved the VU Cycle Stealing up one setting the FPS at those times easily doubled to about 100fps.

VU Cycle Stealing seems necessary with SotC for a full 60fps at all times to me.
Rezard: again, you misunderstand... The 60fps that PCSX2 is the refresh rate of the system and thus isn't the true amount of frames rendered (would make more sense if PCSX2 displayed this as a percent really to help avoid confusion... but the "standard" is to show refresh rate)

The reason why VU cycle stealing helps so much is because you're, in effect, underclocking the PS2 video hardware. In many games this causes slowdown because the framerate is locked to the refresh rate. SoTC isn't, it has a variable frame rate and thus it just loses a few rendered frames to keep it going full speed. It's why cycle steal works so great for the game in general.

(edit) To be a bit more clear... SoTC was programmed more like a PC game, since PC game makers can't be sure on what hardware their games will run on, the games aren't locked to a frame rate or else the whole game would slow down when it dropped below 60fps. Since all PS2 hardware is the same, programmers generally don't have to worry about it. They can guarantee the system will run minimally well and thus can forgo thoughts and processes related to frame skipping. That's why speed hacks that effect the speed in which the PS2 hardware is emulated has such varied effects depending on the game.
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Just because the game is played on a NTSC format device (TV/monitor) it doesn't mean that the game is designed to be played at 60 fps. SoC was made to be played at 30 fps on the ps2 and here's the link to verify that

If you play a game that rated at 60 fps and compared 30 fps, then you'd notice that there's big difference to the feel of the gameplay!

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