Is Tekken 5 playable with this pc?
Hello, sorry if the answer to this is too obvious but I'm new to this. I ask here only because the solution to my problem is probably very easy to explain for experienced people here and I couldn't fix it after reading the guide.

I have this pc:

The video card is NVIDIA GF 9500 GT.
Intel pentium Dual CPU E2200 2.20GHz.

I have been trying to run Tekken 5 (I made an image of the disc cause someone told me that using the dvd player for ps2 emulation would affect it). I did everything in the configuration but still the game runs too slow to be actually playable, the best I could achieve was like playing at half speed so now I think that my PC is just too bad to emulate ps2.
┬┐Is it possible to play Tekken 5 at it's real speed (even with the worse graphics) in such a pc and I'm just using the wrong plugins/ configuration?

Sorry for my bad English and thanks.

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yes and no, it'll play for you but, terribly slow. best to stick with it on ps2 for now.

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