Is a Dell XPS 9570 not enough
I got a Dell ultrabook a couple months back, that runs the i7 8750H and 1050ti. Yet i get bad results when running games at 3x native. I enabled optimisations and some settings, and the games i want and have trouble running are GOW1-2 and FFX. Is it a game specific issue, is m laptop throttling, or is it not enough for these games?

I can tell you what preferences i use specifically

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The cpu is more than good enough,you can play almost any game and I don't think the gpu is also the problem(I can do 3x on almost any game on my 750ti which is weaker than your 1050ti)

Are you sure pcsx2 is actually using your nvidia card(when you run any game,look in the console)and since you are on an nvidia card,use OpenGL
Not being able to get full speed on FFX means there is something wrong.
This was a valid point since laptop has intel gpu and dgpu as well, but even so, setting the nvidia as the card to use, selecting either opengl or dx11 and disable hacks and crc to afest, i still get the laggy performance. Any other guess
did you set power plan to performance mode ?
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But did you check the console to see if the nvidia card is used?
I don't use nvidia experience but there is some battery saving option there

In Win10 in the Start menu type "Graphic Settings"
Choose from the drop down list "Classic App" and from the Browse button choose pcsx2

Are you using any non default settings in pcsx2 or gsdx(except 3x scaling)
While you are getting lower performance,go the the Task Manager=>Performance=>GPU 0 or 1(probably 1 is you nvidia card).
Check at what percentage it is working

Also what the EE,GS and VU in the game window title bar say while you are getting low fps
Guys theres something happening when running off from battery. I have set high performance mode both for battery and when plugged in, check nvidia panel settings to be highest quality, went on classic app and also enabled high performance and everything behaved the same. Then it dawned on me to cnnect the power adapter and now runs smoother than a babys butt.

There must be something capping the software when running from battery. I also run 3d marks sky diver to confirm and i got a 30fps limit even though i have specifically set vsync to be off.

Somehow running from battery forces a framelimiter..
??? you were trying until now on battery.
Of course the performance will be lower on battery

PCSX2 depending on the settings and the game can drain the battery really fast(especially on powerful hardware)and that's never good for the battery so of course there is some limitation done somewhere
I dont understand it, then whats the point of selecting higher performance plan if on a hardware level you're capped?

I get it that emulation and gaming in general is a demanding task, but let that be a problem for me, and drain my battery, why should i have to plug into a charger if i only intend to play for 20 mins.. I'll deal with the battery loss

Anyway i'll have to look at dell specific forums to see whats happening underneath, but still its stupid that manufactures do this.

At least now i know what was causing this
Anyway got it answered officially.  Thats a big turn off cause forget home i might just plug it into the wall but mostly i was hoping i could play ps2 games in my laptop when on the go. Now i will have to hunt for power

Quote:Downclocking on battery is by design, for both longer battery life and lifespan. 
The CPU is downclocked in the advanced power profile settings. It used to be possible to set the "on battery" values to the "plugged in" ones, not sure if still after the redesign that comes with Modern standby instead of S3 sleep? 
The GPU is capped to 30FPS on battery in Geforce Experience, "Battery Boost". 
But I wouldn't recommend you to change this, it might cause faster ageing of the battery, maybe swelling. Fast discharging at high temperature isn't healthy for it.
You also might want to tone down the internal resoltion to 2x Native. Also, what games you play can have different results as well.
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