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Is frame skipping stress CPU?
My laptop pass stability test at 0.9375V and freeze at 0.9250V, so i go with 0.975V, should be stable enough
Dell Studio 1555: P8700 ([email protected]), HD4570, 4G RAM
PC: E6500, 8800GT, 4G RAM

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Sounds reasonable. 1.0V sounds better though Tongue2
I have a similar concern. My cpu operates at 50 C idle (when fan speed is left at default at about 38%) Under 100% load it gets as high as 65 C (again at default fan speeds). These temps are real (unless my motherboard sensors are malfunctioning) because I tested the temps with SpeedFan, CoreTemp, and AMD Overdrive. I have manipulated fan speeds with speedfan and can get them as low as 45 C idle load, with 60% fan speed at default clock rates and it uses 1.4V. If I underclock the cpu to 2.5 GHZ (via Windows Power Profile Settings) it drops to 1.3V. and my temps drop by about 5 C. My question is can I run it at 3.2 GHZ at 1.3V (or lower) and would that provide me any significant temps decrease (5 C or more) and would it be safe?
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Try it, nobody could answer it unless you send them your pc.

As for safety, as long as you don't go overboard with the voltage (1.55 is maximum for me personally), it is safe.

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