Is it faster to put iso on a SSD?
My SSD like many others has my Boot OS, apps, and a few frequently used files and documents on it... whilst I have a HDD for Media etc...

Now is it faster for PCSX2 to have the iso of a game on the ssd or hdd or doesnt it make any difference as its all emulation and mainly cpu dependant?

Faster in any way: fps, loading etc...

Also when I select GSDX 0.1.16 SSSE3 the configure button is greyed out and un selectable even though my cpu supports SSSE3 (it worked in the old r1888 beta but not in the 0.9.7 version. I can only select SSE2.

My cpu is Intel E2160 Core 2 Duo

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It's not gonna make much of a difference, the main bottleneck is CPU and/or GPU for PCSX2.
it wouldnt improve FPS but it could have a substantial impact on load times.
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It wouldn't impact load times much either, unless you were loading ISOs from like a slow flash drive Tongue2
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Wait, so you already have the SSD? Maybe this thread would be more useful if you tested it yourself and let us know how things go. Blink I predict there won't be much of a difference... now if you were to play some PC game with seriously long load times, that's where the SSD could noticeably improve things, say from 30 seconds to 20.
Can confirm (OCZ Agility 2 90GB and G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 120GB), no noticeable difference.

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