Is it possible??
I used to have a friend's fat PS2 with an HDD. I used uLaunchELF to copy savegames from the memory card to a USB drive and now I have them on my PC.

Now, how can I copy these savegames into the PCSX2 memory card?

I tried running uLaunchELF with PCSX2 and it runs fine but... when I access the USB drive it shows nothing. Of course, it does not recognize the USB slot of the emulated PS2...

Is there a work around this? Is there another way to do what I'm trying to do? Can this thing happen? At all?


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I think you need to put software on your pc and hook ur ps2 to ur pc via usb and extract the files on the memory card. Then use a memcard editor (mymc works great). Sadly I don't know where u can get the software, just google it. I'm not sure if the software goes on the pc or the ps2 but I heard u can download it, burn it and then run it on ur pc2 to link it with the pc.
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