Is it possible?
Can i totally turn off shaders for no lag anyhow?

old gfx card cant handle 2.0 shaders any solutions ? please help me out

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Even if you can it will look extremely bad.
Long ago(really old version)GSdx supported Pixel Shader 1.1,1.4,2.0,3.0 and one more but I forgot the name.The last option don't need pixel shader but the games look really bad.
ok lets look at it the other way.
can ati 9550 handle gt4 on this or any other emu??
It's working really slow on my PC even with all possible settings for speed
you could ask on the "other emu's" support forum.
but as vsub said, under pcsx2, no.
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You could not turn off shaders, and they give plugin speed-up, not slowness. All GS plugins use shaders for vertex transformation -- it's quickest way, than to made it on CPU.

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