Is it possible to apply cheats on startup and not on each FPS?

I've been lurking for a few times here, and currently having trouble in applying cheats. The cheats actually works... it's just doesn't do the job as it is intended.

I'm playing Front Mission 4 and using the max money and max weight cheat. Both the cheats makes the money and available weight goes beyond the normal values (9999).

The problem is on max weight cheat: every time I press a button, the weight resets to its normal values (let's say 300) just for a blink of a second. A blink later, it's back to 9999. This becomes a problem, because when I try to buy something that would make it to goes beyond the normal weight (beyond 300), the game won't allow it. Because the game seems to detect the normal value instead of the 9999 cheated value when a button is pressed.

I've been trying to find a solution, and I read [here] that cheats which begins with "patch=1" is applied on each frame per second. Which, I suspect, explains why the value always blinks for a second when I press a button.

The solution I suspected was to change the cheat so it would be applied only once - on startup. And I tried changing this:
into this

Sadly, that renders the cheat unreadable at all (the game didn't show my available weight as 9999 at all, it just shows the normal value). I've been stuck for a few days here and cannot find a proper solution. Doing it with ArtMoney just poses the same trouble.

Is there anyone here who is willing to help? : /

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You're wrong at guessing why it doesn't work. Your cheat doesn't work not cause it's constantly updated(that would actually be desired in such case), but because you're updating only visual value while game re-calculates or reads it each time it's needed from totally different address(es) ~ didn't played FM from a long time now, but I'm pretty sure frame and engine, maybe other parts or something alike affected how much you can carry, it's then summed up and the address you found is nothing more than a value used to display the result of that making it useless as a cheat.

So go back to your search from the start with other ideas and good luckSmile.
Thanks for the answer. It makes more sense now... it's the same cheat I used when I was playing FM on my PS2 back then though, kinda weird why it was working back then and it doesn't work now. : /

I tried another way, that is editing save state. I followed this tutorial: but I seem to fail since when I renamed it to SLUS-20888 (EB3AC800).00.p2s.gz the content is completely different from what is shown in the video.

Though, after reading your explanation, I wonder if editing save state would work?

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