Is it possible to configure the PS4 controller TouchPad inputs into PCSX2?
Tried posting this to the Subreddit but apprently it got falsely picked up as spam.

DS4 Windows allows you to use your TouchPad as a mouse. Is it possible to make PCSX read those inputs? It'd be great for precise adjustment to aiming.  I've tried messing about with the configurations but I'm not sure if PCSX is even reading the TouchPad or if I have it setup in correctly.

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Might be interesting to make PS2 game feel like PC game, it's limited in selection for games at this time though.
I took another crack at it and turns out it does work without any other programs than DS4 Windows. You gotta launch DS4Windows as Admin, make it read the TouchPad as a mouse, configure PCSX2 to read mouse inputs however you like and then you can use your touch pad in game. One issue seems to be that the touchpad is pretty primitive so it only tracks absolute touch position so there's no way to configure touch pad sensitivty.

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