Is it possible to do this via hex editing?
I am wondering is it possible to modify view distance and zoom in a ps2 title by editing it with a hex editor? Take dynasty warriors 5 for example, I'd love to zoom out the view some more, its so damn close to the character its like looking right up their ***** half the time. Makes it fairly hard to see what your doing especally when the view does a very sloppy job of following you, if you turn around u have to hit L1 to change the view otherwise it'll stay looking at where you were.

Anyway is this even possible? or am I getting my hopes up for nothing?

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it would depend if the engine actually supports it for one

someone more experienced would be able to answer your question, im sure someone will be along
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try searching the zoom, zoom in and out until you find it, move a bit, search for it, then try editing it at a greater distance than "allowed" and see if that works.

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