Is it possible to run FFX fullspeed on my machine
Hi all, im currently running a 1.8 core 2 duo with a 128mb x1400 ati graphics card with 4 gb ram, my question is: can it run FFX at full speed? if so what settings should i use?

Thanks in advance

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Full speed all the time? unfortunatelly I'd say no. You might be able to get playable speeds most of the time but full speed probably no sorry.
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Thats definately a NO. Both, CPU and GPU are not enough to have a smooth experience. Its bad enough on a 2GHz AMD A64 Athlon (notebook) with an 3450 "discrete onboard" graphic chip. And even there, both, graphics AND CPU are limiting. :-(

Regards, Bigfoot29
ok, thanks guys, ill just continue to play on my desktop as that runs smooth as.


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