Is it possible to run game directly
For example, to create shortcut that will automatically run emulation of a PS2 disk image.

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I don't think CLI is supported yet so doubtful.
given you are using the internal iso loader, I guess it should work with a shortcut containing the command path_to_pcsx2\pcsx2.exe "path_to_the_iso\name_of_the_iso.iso"
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Wait, so CLI is supported now? Since what revision?
For a long time actually.
We're waiting for people to use it and report on issues Tongue2
I tried right clicking an ISO of FFX then "Open with" Pcsx2 but it didn't work Tongue ^^. Is that even possible rofl?
Just installed r3878. Apparently, CLI isn't supported in r3113 which I was still using. Basic ISO loading seems to work fine.
pcsx2.exe "path_to_file\filename.iso"

By the way, the following is on r3878's documentation:
Quote:Known issues of beta release 0.9.7

Multitap not implemented yet
Command line support not implemented yet
GSdx DX9 Hardware mode lacks various features
Translation system not implemented yet
Game database not complete
Patches browser not implemented yet

Okay, first problem. I tried the following command line:
pcsx2.exe --nogui "path_to_file\filename.iso"

Pressing escape doesn't close the emulator unlike in ePSXe. Since there was no GUI, I had to bring up Task Manager to end the process.
I found solution. You can use this game launcher (program is mage by LunaticShade)

NOTE: You must unpack it to pcsx2 folder. If you unpackit to another folder you will need ro move pcsx2 to that folder. To stop emulation you must use Esc button. Not X button because pcsx2 will stay in memory and you will need to kill him by task manager.

About the program & how to use:
  • It's kind of profile manager for pcsx2 where you can save different pcsx2 configurations for your games
  • To create game profile, click Add Game and locate disk image and choose profile name
  • Basically what it does is creating a zip file for each game with the contents of the pcsx2 inis folder (settings), each time you start a game the inis folder's contents are replaced with the zip file for this game.
    then pcsx2 launches and my program sends ALT+F and ALT+R (Shortcuts for the File menu and the Run menu point).
  • If you have selected use linuz plugin it will write the name of the iso into the registry key of the cd plugin (of course you have to use the linuzappz plugin in pcsx2 for this to work) which will launch this iso upon clicking run in pcsx2 (recommended).
  • If FileDialog is selected the program waits for the select file dialog to open after clicking Run CD/DVD and inserts the path to the iso file there and presses Return. both versions result in the game being loaded.
  • If you use a language other than english you have to adjust the shortcut combination for the menus, e.g. ALT+D AND ALT+C for the german translation (check them by pressing ALT in the pcsx2 main window, the underlined letters are the shortcuts)
  • After you first started the app it will create a settings.xml in the subdirectory configs, open it in notepad and adjust the values "menuShortcut" and "runShortCut" to your needings.
  • Please unzip the contents of the zipfile into your pcsx2 directory (the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is needed to zip and unzip the contents of the inis folder)
  • Command line loading: if you start the config saver with the name of a game profile you created it will directly launch this game without showing the selection screen
    e.g. in the list you created a profile for "Tales of the Abyss" then run pcsx2ConfigSaver.exe "Tales of the Abyss" (don't forget the quotes if the name contains spaces)
    ok, this should be all
  • If you start a game with the option "hide pcsx2 GUI" it will hide the pcsx2 GUI on start up, it may look like as it would do nothing, but eventually the game screen will show up.
  • Use Esc button to stop emulation
(12-30-2010, 06:23 AM)ilovejedd Wrote: Pressing escape doesn't close the emulator unlike in ePSXe. Since there was no GUI, I had to bring up Task Manager to end the process.

Woops. I'll fix that.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Do we need to make a new shortcut or add that to existing shortcut for PCSX2 ?

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