Is it possible to use the PlayStation Broadband Navigator with PCSX2?
Hi. I've been trying to play Minna no Golf Online for a bit now (I am aware that the servers are down, but you can still play single player from what I know with no online connection or subscription,) and I just can't find any way to download the files, since I need a "BB Unit". I looked all over, I couldn't find a way to do it on pcsx2. Is there a legal way to emulate a psbbn (PlayStation Broadband Navigator?) If there isn't, I'm willing to just buy one, but then I probably couldn't use it on pc. Is there any way to do this on pcsx2 now? I've seen people do it a bit ago, but never learned how. I'm assuming there's a plugin that'd fix this, but I don't know.

Here's an image of the message, if that helps.

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