Is it real to run Neo Contra correctly?
Hi, everyone!

I have a problem with Neo Contra. Stage 1 doesn't work. It freezes at the first location. Stage 2 doesn't work too and it freezes at the video. I searched in other threads, but I didn't find any solution. Is it real to fix or the game isn't playable?

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There should be a patch that is enabled via auto game fixes. Make sure you have the latest git/development build and it should enable.
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I've used many revisions of the emulator, but I didn't find any patches for Neo Contra in the list of auto game fixes. Maybe you mean standalone patch? If it's true, can you give me a link for working version and for instruction on how to install it?
"many revisions" doesn't mean you used the latest.
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just get the latest one from here:
Just some additional informations from the guy (prafull) who made this game playable with a hack:

Quote:Requires a patch attached below. Also requires EE timing hack. Don't use non recommended speed hacks.
Once Ingame avoid pressing Start because that causes random hangs. Retry option almost always causes hang.
I've downloaded the latest revision. Stage 1 doesn't work. Stage 2 doesn'r work too.
Have you read what praful wrote? The sentence i quoted? It is probably part of the solution...
Yes. I got the latest revision, then I used the patch and required timing hack. It doesn't work Sad.
Can you post your emulog? Looks like your version of the game isn't patched yet.

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