Is it worth for me to try MTGS 2?
I already have checked the stickies (and I have games which work well indeed), and I know that I should not expect anything close to fullspeed, but my PS2 is broken since some months ago and I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 2, so I'd have to switch to PCSX2.

I know it's a very CPU demanding game (and MTGS 3 even more), but do you think I'd be able to play it with my rig with more than half of fullspeed at least? Given I use latest beta and plugins, an adequate config and speedhacks, etc.

I'm asking this because I saw it at the store and I'd want to know wether it's worth to go for it (after having taken similar risks before and failed).


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I'd say it's not worth it, even if you got more than half speed it wouldn't be much enjoyable.
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