Is it worth getting a better vid card I currently have a...
GTX 550TI which is a pretty good card. But I was thinkng of getting the GeForce GTX 660 which just came out it blows my current card. I guess it's 4x times more powerful than the 9800GT from what I'm reading. I'm currently using pcsx2 0.9.8 r4600 version, with MGS2 I get around 80-85 FPS but games like NFS Most wanted I get around 45 FPS. So I don't know if I need a new gpu or it's just that the cpu still is not fast enough. Would I get a boost in my FPS in most games with the new card ? or is my current card as good as I need to get to run pcsx2 to it's fullest gpu wise ? thanks

My current rig:
Asrock extreme 4 z77
I5 2500k [email protected]
8GB's ram at 1866mHz
Win 7

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If you need to up scale to extreme settings like 6x Native, then it's a plus.

Other member's opinion might differ though. Tongue
A gpu CAN help, however emulators are mostly bottlenecked by the cpu.
well i shouldnt get it for emulation tbh...
if your into pc gaming then go for it, its a nice boost but you wont see any speedbumps in emulation unless you play at a higher resolution as ice said.
that 550ti is fine for 3x internal resolution for most games


I'm currently using pcsx2 0.9.8 r4600 version,

go for 1.0 and enable mtvu speedhack that will get need for speed probably on fullspeed. (or download the latest beta, it has an fmv ''fix'' that when it sees an fmv being played it automaticaly goes to software mode, this way fmv's almost always play back correctly)
thanks man I'll keep the my current card then. I mostly just play ps3/360. My pc is for emulation mostly.

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