Is multi-threadedVU good for FFXII?

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If it's going to cause errors, it's just going to instantly cause the game to hang and nothing else.

Generally it'll get you a speedboost.

The only game I've played which freezes from this hack (and, at the same time, decides to be an absolute CPU hog that I'm having trouble reaching 40FPS even with the other recommended hacks) is Urbz: Sims in the City; FFXII is fine.
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I have everything...
Typically it would be a "slowdown" hack for dual cores or GS limited games...

Got no problems so far except for speedup...Yeah I know my PC sucks a big time...

I don't know how this hack reacted with FFXII, but you can always switch it on/off after you found what works best for you...
On my system FFXII the first mission originally runs at 40 FPS and MTVU speeds it up to 55 - 60 FPS. So, yes.

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