Is my Notebook enough to emulate ffx with 60fps
Im a noob on the pcsx2 stuff. I tried tons of stuff 2 get this work. But even with those speedhacks on the fps are dropping all the time.

Here my system:
Prozessor: i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz (something with 2.9 on turbo boost) 8 cores
Ram: 8gb
System: 64bit Windows 7
Grafik: GeForce GT 540M

Using a xbox 360 controller.

Is this possible?
If with which setting? I read and tried a lot but its never good enough and since i want to play this game again. and i want to invest much time i want it to run perfect ^^ (my god damn disc is broken i dont know how it happened. I even think of buying it again o.O) But id prefer to play it on my pc Laugh

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Config >> Plugin/BIOS selector

Make sure you are using GSdx pluin with highest instruction set it will allow (should be SSSE3, SSE4.?, or AVX).

Go to Config >> Video (GS) >> Plugin settings

Make sure you are using hardware mode for DirectX10 or 11
Also make sure PCSX2 is using your Nvidia card not Intel integrated graphics.

Overclock your CPU if you are able to (not sure if locked or not).

Make sure laptop power management set to high performance (ABSOLUTE MUST!)
...but watch out for heat! This is common issue for laptop fps performance.

MTVU hack helps.

If all else fails set speedhacks: EE timing to 2 and VU cycle stealing to 2.

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