Is my PC to outdated? help pls
Okay ive been trying to get Gran Tursimo 3 running. But ive been getting an error and pcsx2 crashes all the time. Been searching forums for a while now but cant find the problem!
I have updated to the directx 9.0c.

Here are my pc specs:
AMD 2500+
9200 SE Radeon
768 RAM

here are some screens i got from the error:
[Image: error1g.jpg]
[Image: error2.jpg]
Btw, i am a noob on this, just installed it all this morning, and never tried this program at all, so all help pleas in newbie launguage.

thx hehe

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Your cpu is weak and you would get extremely low fps.
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Without SSE2 support no games will be playable on your PC. Sorry.

SSE2 is terribly handy stuff for emulating the PS2, since the PS2 itself has multiple SIMDs unit that operate similarly to SSE2 (albeit still more advanced than SSE2). SSE/MMX features alone really have no hope of emulating a PS2 at reasonable speeds.
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So i am not able to use this program on this computer at all?
Or are there some files to bypass this?

Is there any other emulator out there wich my PC can support?(or is this not allowed to ask?)
you could grab an older versino of the emulator. 0.9.4 should work on your machine.
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Okay i will test that version!Smile
CPU's extremely weak, as is the GPU...

At best, it's DDR RAM
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Don't expect it to run at a decent framerate though. Maybe 10fps(depends on the game actually)? Yea, unplayable. ;D
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You should consider upgrading dude. Definitely. X D

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