Is my computer too old for PCSX2?
Hi. My question is quite siple, as you see in the subject, I downloaded Pcsx2 half a year ago, I had tried Pcsx-Reloaded and concretely finished FF VII, VIII and IX and Metal Gear Solid, I wanted to play the continuations of these games as I did almost 10 years ago, so I searched and found Pcsx2, when I downloaded the games at first I understood that they didn't work because my hard disk was almost full, from 1TB y had less than 100GB free, but last month I used MacKeeper to eliminate any file that could be dangerous. I also made a clean up in applications and now I have almost 600GB free, which means also that my RAM is quite better than before.
But games still run quite slow! well, it's a BIG difference from the 1st time (From 10-20fps to 30-40)... But still got problems, I checked this forum and tried almost every tip. The Speed Hacks, Graphics/Sound settings... So my question is if this is gonna happen me with every single game or if it's just that I choose uncompatible games... Well, I talk too much, my mac is:

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz
4GB of RAM
nVidia GeForce 8800GS (512MB)

My OS is Snow Leopard. But I don't feel like changing to Lion as everyone told me it sucks...

Shold I be able to play those games at a fluent rythm (maybe not 60fps all the time... but like between 45 and 60?) but I didn't enable the right tips?


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Quote:when I downloaded the games

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