Is my pc too weak to run SSX3?
Hi all, I'm new to pcsx2.
I have some problems try running SSX3.

The game runs at 100% speed when i'm in in-game menu, but only at 50-60% speed during every gameplay. 

I think my old HP pc desktop can't handle the game.
Here's its features:

CPU intel core i3 550 @3.20GHz
GPU AMD Radeon HD 5450  

I have pcsx2 v1.4.0

I attach my current GSdx settings if needed

Thank you in advance.

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Upgrade to the latest dev build here and make sure you switch to DX11 (AMD's driver has issues with OpenGL)
Thanks CK1
I updated to the latest pcsx2 version and i switched to DX11 HW

The situation has improved: the average speed is higher now (about 80%), but it is still very unstable. The speed can change from 60% to 100%, and only for a few seconds it stabilizes at 100 during gameplay.

Is there something more i can do?

Try and use speedhacks to boost FPS. Enable 'Allow 8-bit Textures' in the GSDx settings.
Your system is weak and so will have weak performance anyway.
Intel i5 4460 @ 3.20 GHz,
GTX 1050 Ti,
And some other gubbins that make things work.

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