Is online possible?
I have recently started using PCSX when I noticed there was Monster Hunter for PS2(altho its in Japanese) and I'm very grateful and would like to support this project in anyway I can, but I was wondering, is it possible to, say, download an ISO of PS2's online startup disc(or w/e) to use it to play online with other people WHILE still using the emulator on the PC? I'm doubting it, but maybe I just havn't looked in the right places. I really, really, really want to play Monster Hunter 2 online (not MH:Freedom or MH:G... stupid handhelds)

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downloading any playstation 2 software (games or programs like that) is illegal. however if you buy the disc from somewhere, that is fine.
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I have other question.Is it possible to play multiplayer like this.I'm on my PS2 and some one else on my PC using pcsx2 but without the need to connect online...something like on PS1 with cable(Red Alert as example)

My PS2 have LAN connection to my PC and can go online.

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