Is pcsx2 dead now?
i read in the news that pcsx2 is dead now Sad or was my brain playing tricks on me.

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Seeing as it's updated nearly constantly, I think you're mistaken.
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Yes its dead.
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(01-02-2010, 03:56 PM)anthony001 Wrote: i read in the news that pcsx2 is dead now Sad or was my brain playing tricks on me.

... which news? I don't see anything on that could be construed to mean the project is dead. So was this something you read on another site?
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where do u read it?
no i don't think its dead
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As of this post PCSX2 was last updated a little under an hour ago, and pretty much every day previously:
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I think he may have read that front page news about the team member leaving. That was someone involved in it, not the emu itself. I'm not 100% sure what his contributions to PCSX2 were either, if he was a developer or just a moderator...
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You guys are all wrong. PCSX2 got a heart attack 1 hour ago and died on the way to the hospital. T.T

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/agree with Granville

think he misunderstood the news^^
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