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Is pcsx2 harmful for my laptop hardware?
Well the laptop works perfectly fine if I don't allow turbo mode to run

The situation is the same on my pc(exept the noise)and the laptop is MSI72VR 6RF(i7-6700HQ\GTX1060)
On the laptop I have a button that makes the fans to run at full speed and when I do that,after around 30 seconds,it becomes really laud(I am still with the headphones).When I remove the headphones,it really sounds like a vacuum cleaner and the air from the fans is strong but the temp don't go down by much

I am in a 27c room and I barely see any performance difference between 2.5ghz and 3.2ghz(3.5 only on one core)

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yeah, most gaming laptops are quite loud. My cousin has one with gtx 1060, too. It's really loud because these monsters need to be heavily cooled. Guess 2 fans and a lot of hot air coming from back side. I think 1050 is better if You don't want much noise and 1060 is more meant for desktop pcs
Yeah with my MSI gaming laptop I have to have it on High performance mode to get the emulator to run at full speed. And It loud but I do not hear it because of the usage of Headphones. I have a GTX 1060 6GB. It Also has 2 fans one for the CPU and the other for the GPU. And that is just for playing Persona 3 FES.
Using the D3d11 Renderer
@ 4x Native Resolution
16X AF
Mini Mapping (Ins) Full
CRC Hacking Agressive
FXAA Enabled
Texture Filtering Of Display Enabled
For nvidia card,better use OpenGL and also make sure that you actually see the difference of using 4x scaling on such a small screen(mine is 17 inch and 3x is more than enough)
I have a 15.6 inch screen on mine and maybe you have something there by using 3x will be less stressful on the hardware and maybe OpenGL will have a performance boost.

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