Is the "Capture AVI" Function supposed to work?
I have tried a couple times to record my gameplay. Using ZZoglPG 0.1.0 there is a "Capture AVI (as zerogs.avi)" option. When I press "fn>F7" on my laptop I see blue text on the top left of the screen recording FPS, so I'm pretty sure the video is recording. However, I'm not sure where on my laptop it is supposed to record to. I've searched for the file inside the PCSX2 application and the root folder for my games and can't find it.

Is this function supposed to work and where is the file saved to???

13" MacBook Pro (March 2011)
Display: 1280x800
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz w/ 2.9 GHz Turbo Boost
Memory: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
Software: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

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