Is the emulator working towards...
A list where you can play every single PS2 game, like the previous emulators? Or is that just unrealistic and impossible?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

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I think thats a little unrealistic. No emulator can play every game, especially perfectly, but due to the complexity and flukeness of how the PS2 works (believe me, its a pain in the ass), it will never be perfect.
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Not even Sony's Emulator on the PS3 can do this.
But PCSX2 plays the most popular games stable at fullspeed on recent hardware.

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That said, of course we're 'trying' to get there Wink
actually, using the software renderer, every game I've played have been perfect. Only problem is MGS3, and it's because of the slowdown caused by post processing filter used in cutscenes, but other than that every game has been perfect and full speed with software renderer with no speed hack (on a 4.5ghz i7 3930k).
We still have a small mountain of known problems.
One big thing is bugs with IPU that kill a couple games.
Then there's some really broken games for which we have no idea at all
what could be wrong with them (all Snowblind games, some others like it).

Then to be a perfect PS2 emulator there's still the small feature of playing
PS1 titles like a PS2 did it. I'd really like to see that happening Tongue2
I wouldn't be surprised if the emu had over 90% compatibility by now, since some of the entries in the official list are outdated and incorrect... but 100% probably isn't possible since the PS2 hardware isn't completely documented (AFAIK)
also it's imo impossible to get something exactly 100% working. I see this emulator like a MMO. Which is never perfect and always have bugs Smile But so far the amount of stuff the devs did well it still is a great idea and it works almost 9 out of the 10 times like it should Smile
it is possible via Reverse Engineering but it takes time.
Remember that with emulators/programming/life PATIENCE is the first key, the second one being HARD WORK (or maybe it was the other way around ?! meh whatever).
This along with many other itty bitty things are the requirements for SUCCESS.

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