Is the issue the CPU or GPU
I'm running pcsx2 on a fairly crap laptop, but i seem to meet the recommended requirements.

"Will work at a reasonably playable speed (this does not mean full speed):
Intel Core 2 Duo (and laptop Core Duo equivalent) <--- This is my CPU, but its only 1.83 GHz Sad

The card is GeForce 8 series with 256mb which apparently "Will work at a reasonable to very good level of speed with both plugins"

Now unless 10 fps is reasonable speed, Should i assume its the CPU thats letting me down?? ( Its 32 Vista with 2Gb RAM so i think that's ok)

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depends on the game, really.

But yes.

Your cpu is kinda weak for pcsx2 anyways

And your Gpu will hold you too as I suppose it's a mobile gpu
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its both cpu and gpu that are pulling you down,beacuse i think that it should be mentioned in the list that laptops gpu are not so good compared to the desktop counterpart so you will have a hard time there getting good fps,and for the other hand your cpu just wont cut it,you need at least a 2.6 dual core to run "some" games decently (overclock it to 3.5 to get full speed in most games) and about the gpu if you have a laptop then your gpu has to somewhat top of the line so it can be compared to a good one in a desktop pc,just thinking that you need something like a 8800gt or a 9800 to get some nice performance on the emulator means that you will need something more powerfull on a laptop
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Vastly depends on the game, but in general that's too low for your PC.
The graphics card should be enough for most, assuming it's a mid range mobile model of the GeForce 8 series.
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Argh thanks guys

seems there's no point pursuing it then. My desktops from 2000 or so Biggrin

and it's like a home laptop, can't really go upgrading everything Tongue

at least i can get 50 fps on N64 emulator !!!!!!

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