Is there a 64-bit version for the emulator
Hello I was about to download PCSX2 but when I used the installer, while my computer is supposed to be 64-bit, it gave me an 32-bit installer instead! Is there a 64-bit version for it?        

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Don't download the stable version. Download the nightly version. And yes, the Nightly version is 64bit
Windows 11 64 bit OS
Intel Core i7-10700
Geforce RTX 2060 6GB
32bit programs that push the limit of the RAM surely benefit a ton from 64bit.

PCSX2 never had much trouble, if you already got 2 GB that was considered rare (ignoring VRAM from GPU)

But there are some optimisations besides that 4 GB RAM cap so I can understand why you are looking at the better one.

And sure it does make you look at stable first to be honest.
(09-18-2023, 09:37 PM)envisaged0ne Wrote: Don't download the stable version.  Download the nightly version.  And yes, the Nightly version is 64bit

thx bro

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