Is there a difference between the DVD-Discs?

Can anyone please help me?

Is there any difference between the Blue-Ray 4.7GB DVD Discs or the Golden-Ray DVD Discs when running them in the Playstation 2 console?

Can anyone please help me?
If there is a difference, so what is it?
What color is better for the Playstation2 (Blue-Golden)?
Because 1 year ago, i was searching for Harvest Moon-Innocent life in the PS2 shops, i haven't found it in a Golden Format DVD disc, and luckily i found the game in a store but it was in a Blue-Ray Fomat Disc,

When then i returned home and played it, i plaayed it for about 3 days.
And then when i put the golden discs, it didn't work anymore,

i have tried to put all my different games that are in the Golden Format Discs but all of them didn't work, i put the blue one again it works.

Any help about this please?
Give me an advice. is it better to buy the Golden discs(Empty Discs) and i will burn the games on them and play) or is it OK if i baught the blue-ones?


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First just because the back of the DVD is blue does NOT mean it is Blu Ray. The PS2 only plays CDs and DVDs NOT Blu Ray discs.
About your question, buy the games from a shop. If your PS2 can't play them it means it has the known lens problem which is fixable (by replacement or cleaning) and can be done in lots of shops.
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So, what is your advice for me?
Buy the empty JVC Gold Lacquer 4.7GB DVD Discs, then i will make the games on them, because the discs i buy from the shops are always golden, rarely i see some stores sell the copied-blue discs.

Or is it OK if i used the blue discs?

Thanks in advance.
Uh if you mean which empty DVD discs you should use to make backups of the games you bought, just use the ones that your PS2 reads best.
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No, Please understand me.
Not backup.
I will download the game, and burn it on the DVD-Discs instead of buying the games from the shops to save my money.

So, which empty DVD disc the better i use? Golden or the blue one?
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*sigh* I really tried...closed and warned.
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