Is there a guide
Is there a guide on what settings each game should have to play ideally on? I'm just asking because I've played two games now on the emulator and both times I had used preset settings (2 and 6) to run my games. However, with my next game I want to play I need to use custom settings since I need a certain feature on which would be disable under the presets.

I know I can just fool around for a bit and find the best solution but I much rather find a list of configurations that works if there exists one.


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Most of the time there will be a setting here and there you may have to change. A list covering all games would be massive and take alot of time to put together.

You can also look at launchers like PS2Lunch that allow you to have seperate configs based on the particular game you'd like to play if you want to avoid changing settings each time you change game.
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No, because does not depend on the games only but machines also.

Edit: The nearest of what (I think) you are asking is a front end with capacity of profiles. I have not followed the attempts and can't honestly tell if there is one currently.

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