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Is there a solution for slowdown in classrooms for Persona 3 FES
Most of the time it's a steady 60 fps, but it drops to 50 in the classrooms and auditorium which isn't much but still. My computer is definitely up to it, an overclocked Phenom II 720BE and an overclocked Sapphire 5770, with 4 gigs of RAM. I can max Battlefield Bad Company 2 on DirectX11 at 1280x720, yet I can't get this going steady at 640x480 or whatever the default windowed res is.

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Classroom scenes are usually CPU speed limited. I'll first recommend using 0.9.7 beta for a nice, free speed boost. See if that's all you need. Window resolution has no effect on speed or ingame graphics. What DOES make a difference is the internal resolution or scaler settings in GSdx. The higher these are, the better visual quality you get and the more load you give your graphics card.
Oh and comparing PC games with PS2 emulation is totally pointless, you can read the FAQ links 'Why PCSX2 is slow' to see why exactly.
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I've already been using the beta Sad
I'm not trying to diss the dev team either, I realize emulators are hard to pull off.
When the slowdown happens, what does the GSdx title bar report as GS% and EE%? You could also try some speed hacks.
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