Is there a way to add a single black pixel border?
So I've finally broken down and decided to upscale some of my favorite games (EG ToA).

But what I've noticed is that when upscaling there's a little bit of garbage about maybe a pixel tops on the left side of the window that's pretty noticeable to me. There's also a little bit of "garbage" on top too but it's less noticeable.

Anyway, what I would like to do is add a single frame border to eliminate the garbage from sight but upon viewing the GS plugin options and window options could find no such thing.

I am using the OpenGL plugin (hardware) and a GIT version from March 10th.
[Image: c9hit5-2.png]

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Have you tried setting the zoom in emulation settings to 101% or so?
. . . Wow, I didn't even consider trying that.

Well thanks because that worked out swimmingly!
[Image: c9hit5-2.png]
This is the exact reason that option is there. I always have it set to 101% Otherwise yeah you see garbage on the edges.

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