Is there a way to save to all 10 save slots simultaneously?
So basically what I'm asking is if there's an option when pressing F1, it saves to all 10 save slots instead of just 1. Or maybe there's another hotkey specifically for this? I tried to just spam F1 and F2 but it seems like there's a delay to how often I can save. Seems to be 4 seconds so I can't spam it.

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This is not a feature. What you can do, is make one savestate, and then physically on your computer copy-paste the savestate file over and over, renaming it to the 2, 3, ..., n slots.
You can do what pandubz is suggesting with AutoHotkey but there will still be a delay because you are:
1.Telling pcsx2 to create the save state and that takes time
2.Then pcsx2 saves it to the hdd,and this takes time
3.You make 9 copies of the same file...that takes 9x time to save the save state to the hdd

You will need either a SSD(you will be killing your SSD)or RAM drive
It took me 200ms to make 9 copies of 16mb file while saving to a ram drive(which is A LOT faster than SSD)
Thank you.

"It took me 200ms to make 9 copies of 16mb file while saving to a ram drive"

Does this mean you made the AHK script? Can you give it?
I just did I quick test to make a copy of a file,the script was not made to work with pcsx2
There are few things that need to be known first
Will the script make 9 copies and name the files acourding on which save state slot you are
For examle if you are at slot 0,ahk will make files from 1 to 9
If you are on slot 6,will ahk make copies for all of the other slots?

And btw,why exaxtly do you need such feature?
I wrote everything out and apparently that's what was needed to realize that saving to all 10 slots won't work to fix my issue.

Saving to each slot individually will work much better. Thank you for all your help!
What do you do with all of those states? I'm curious now.
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