Is there a way to see the actual frame rate of the game you are playing?
I know that 60FPS is full speed in the emulator, but I want to know the other frame rate(I forgot the name for it), like when you play a pc game and it runs at 30fps, it isn't at half speed but it is half as smooth. PS2 games do the same thing.

Like for example,

In this link on eurogamer it shows the frame rate of God of War I and II on the actual ps2 vs the GoW remastered Collection on the ps3. Notice how on ps2 the frame rate actually drops to 40 when fighting enemies, even though the game runs at full speed obviously. Is there some sort of way to see that frame rate with this emulator? I know that some other emulators like DeSmuME and I think(not sure) that Dolphin does this too. Is it possible to check that frame rate with pcsx2?

(As a side note: The article also mentions PCSX2 and shows how great various ps2 games look when upscaled. I guess it's nice advertisement)

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PCSX2 always uses 50 FPS for PAL games and 60 FPS for NTSC ones. Anything lower than those values will cause slowdowns in your games. I'm not sure if there are any exceptions to these rules Unsure...
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The FPS is always shown on the top of the emulator window. I think there was a stage where it wasn't shown in the alpha builds of 0.9.7, but it's there in the official beta, and the latest SVNs.

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He doesn't mean that, everyone knows the framerate is posted above. He means that some games don't actually run at 60(NTSC) or 50(PAL) all the time. Some games slow down on some occasions and maintain full speed when played in the console. PCSX2 uses 50 or 60fps regardless because that's how it is set up, even if a game requires 40 fps in a scene, pcsx2 will use the standard 50fps for PAL and 60fps for NTSC.

I don't think there's a way as of now to know something like that, I doubt the devs will code that since it seems unnecessary and is not something on their priority right now, maybe once they decide that pcsx2 is complete is that they'll create a tool such as that just for the fun of it.
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PS2 games are made to run at 60fps (or 50 for PAL). They were made with the intention on running on a specific system with specific hardware. As far as I understood, they always run at 60/50fps. Makes sense considering the game devs know exactly what system the game will be played on. PS2 games simply aren't made to run at less than 60/50fps.

PC games are made with the intention of running on a variety of machines with a variety of hardware. The people making these games give them the ability to optimize themselves, basically. Think of all the setting in PCSX2, all designed for a specific game, built in and already set "perfect" for the game. Instead of a variety of may or may not work speed hacks, there's a simple low-medium-high setting if you PC isn't the greatest.

I've never heard of more than one "FPS". PC games are just prepared to run at different FPS.
Actually, PS2 games are also varying in framerate. Some are even made with a target framerate of 30 or just 20fps.
Those games will draw one new frame, then repeat it once or twice, then draw another new frame.
This output (or target) framerate is what we measure, and what's important for fullspeed emulation.

You could buy a framerate measurement device like the one the people on the site you linked to use Tongue2

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