Is there any way to fix this in games (Hardware Mode)
I get this annoying flickering around the edge of my screen in games when running them in non software mode, made a quick video of the problem..view in fullscreen and look down the left hand side of the screen:

..and here again in REZ, but this time along the bottom of the screen: (20secs in before it's really noticeable, much more so when playing the game)

Is it fixable or is this a known, inherent problem with hardware rendering? It happens at whatever resolution I use, either a PCSX2 preset or a custom one.

TBH,  I find it really distracting and kind of ruins the experience.


Looks like Youtube has cropped the REZ video so you can't really see it like the first video, but trust me it's there.

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I'm not sure but maybe it's due to the view port change used in D3D11 to workaround the Nvidia bug? (Assuming you're using the D3D11 HW renderer) Did you try different hardware renderers like OpenGL/D3D9?

On the other hand, I noticed a similar issue like this one when I enabled half-pixel offset hack in Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
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I didn't look at the video. But HPO can screw up the border. Potentially the new HPO settings don't suffer of the same issue.
Emulation settings > GS window > and adjust the zoom to something slightly higher then 100%

If you need the settings that generally cause this effect, because other settings you want to use cause other issues with out the settings that cause this then this is your solution. (Translation if you have a higher then native resolution in some games which require half pixel offset or other settings like that to fix ghosting or other issues then this will fix it.... sort of) Though it will slightly zoom the game and you will lose a little around the edge of the screen so depending on the game if the UI is right on the edge it may cut in to it a bit.
Set Zoom to like 101% its what I have always done to fix the garbage along the edges like that.

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