Is there any way to have a hybrid renderer mode?
It would be nice to have the games rendered in software mode, but with the help of the GPU to scale the textures in higher resolution. Would that be possible?

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Kinda sounds like hardware mode to me.
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^yup, exactly. Hardware mode already is "hybrid" in terms of doing whatever it must on CPU side(you can see it by GS%) and the rest on the GPU side.

Problems of hardware mode exist cause you can't emulate some graphics properly on current generation of GPU's, there's also lots of conversions between what cpu can do and gpu is limited with which kills the accuracy and also by the upscalling itself, as sometimes even working stuff get's removed in hardware only cause it looks bad or get's broken when upscaled.

The future can bring a hope with AMD APU's, I mean those in next gen consoles, not those currently sold for PC's. It can improve GSdx in the future alots, but for now and currently available hardware there's no solution that could display full beauty of ps2 graphics with upscalling in every game.

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