Is there any way to make the text look less pixelated in FFX-2
I was googling and found someone mentioning 2xAA , I suppose that's anti-aliasing? But it's grayed out on OpenGL hardware mode.
Are there any mods or anything that can make text and menus less pixelated? Like what the PS2 had for PS1 games , pixel shading.
I've heard of something called SweetFX. What do you think of it?

I know the text was never supposed to be shown in these big resolutions, on non-CRT screens. That and using AV cables hid these pixels from us back then, so it's natural for them to show on HD+ resolutions. I was just wondering what your recommended way was to hide those rough edges on them.

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If you even have Anti-Aliasing in your settings, you're using an extremely outdated version of PCSX2, so I'd recommend updating first.

After you upgrade, try setting the resoluion higher. If it becomes even more pixelated, then the developers of that specific game designed their text as a texture rather than vector graphics, meaning there's nothng you could do until PCSX2 adds custom texture support. I don't see that happening for many decades though, if it happens at all.
As stated above, update to the latest version and see if that helps. There's only so much an emulator can do to smooth out old games.

Otherwise, the best you can do to get everything smooth and crisp is to get the FFX / X2 HD Collection on PC.
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