Is there any wayto boot (USB Extreme) Ripped PS2 games in pcsx2??I

I was looking for a way to run USB extreme ripped ps2 games in pcsx2.
My friend is having lots of ripped games that he used to play in his ps2 via open ps2 loader,so I thought that if i can make them work in Pcx2 by some different cdvd plugin..Huh

I tried running open ps2 loader boot.elf in pcsx2 and it ran successfully but then it says insert ps2 disc.Angry

Any suggestions??Mellow

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Sounds awfully close to a piracy issue, if you dont own the games then its a NO NO. If your friend owns the originals then he might have to make ISI`s of his discs. But remember Pcsx2 Forums have a strictly NO Piracy supported view
PS If your friend has a lawful right to the games he should look into getting opl2iso, a small program to convert .ul format to Iso
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You're only allowed to make Images of your OWN owned games. If ur friend would make images out of his games and give them to u, it's piracy, though each country has different rules about it, but yeah this forum doesn't support piracy and u can get a warning for it even about talking about it Smile
oh..sorry I wasn't aware of that..and yes he has the originals..but using backups coz we are too lazy to swap discs..
But a big thanks to you..reps ya..
It's easy, just direct PCSX2 iso loader to your flash drive in windows.
Make sure you only use your own games.
I live in the United kingdom and piracy is only illegal if you do not own the original copy, if you give a copy to someone it is legal as you have not made a profit from it.
But thats british law... Smile
it doesn't have to do with profit mike and as far as I know, the rules are close to the same as here in holland. If u make a copy that's fine, but it is stated, that u're not allowed to give it away. U can give away the game itself, that's ur own choice, but not a copy Smile

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