Is there anyway to convert save files copied with "McPaste" by ULelf to PSU?
This is very sad story, I depacked my ps2 from a very long storage and run it to transfer saves.
I used ULelf for that. I navigated to memory card, marked all folders there, copied those, navigated to usb flash driver and chosen "McPaste". That copied some things and I happily packed ps2 back.

Err I didn't knew I need to use "PSUPaste".

Now I don't know what to do with that files. But if it possible to create those files, there should be something that understand those, right?
I searched in google for some time, but since that file don't even have an extension, there is not much I can find.

Is there any know converter to PSU format, so I can use mymc?

I really hope I don't need to depack my ps2 again that I carefully packed :/

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I've never actually tried MCPaste and I use ule since 2007 Laugh
What the backed up files looks like...folders with files inside or?
If it's a folder,what is the name of the folder for the save you are showing?
Folder has exactly same name as file without extension.
After copying I got a lot of such folders on my flash drive.
I tried to use PS2 Save Builder and tried to add all extensions to main file (without extension), but everything fails to load.
I'll probably do it faster if you upload all of the folders in single archive but if you want an explanation how to do it yourself,read here in the "How to do it without mymc" part.

Skip the first part since you already have the folders and start reading from "Open ImgBurn=>"

And delete the PS2_MS_Backup_Attributes.BUP.bin file from all of the folders(this file is useless to you)
That's great! I followed what you said and now I have saves in correct format Tongue
Thank you. I so glad I didn't needed to depack my ps2 again Ohmy

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