Is there anyway to get the BIOS off the PS2 without it running?
My PS2 is destroyed. The parts are intact but several wires are severed. (this was not my doing.) Is there anyway for me to extract the BIOS without the PS2 actually working? Thanks in advance for attempting to help me play my old favorites.

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Yeah with a NAND dumper but this would be super advanced and mostly it would cost more than a brand new PS2 which is in a pretty funny price today if you ask me. (Going a bit against the rules) I have a PS2 over a decade and I always have used BIOS dumps from the net (mostly because I was super bored to go through the hassle of preparing my console for a BIOS dump. Now that it became easier and mostly -I find it cool to do-, I've dumped my own but seriously, I have read the copyrights involving the components of PS2 (which are outdated compared to their new TFCU of PS3 and PSVita) and I can tell you everybody you are pretty safe if you own a console to download them from the net, it's not the same claims as a commercial game for example, PS2 was the last Sony device that you -OWN- it once you paid for it and that's one of the reasons I'll never buy again a Sony product.
This is a massive grey area. This site is vehemently opposed to pirates, yet this could be classed as obtaining a backup which is legal.
forum rules are quite clear

Well, this was quick to drift off.
A dead PS2 won't give out the BIOS dump via software means so yea, only a hardware dumper will work.

Closing the thread as I don't feel like handing out mass warnings.

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