Is there is some way to fix this or it requires coding
When I minimize the gui,the game window is also minimized(it's really annoying when I have to switch windows when I'm creating cheats).

Both windows are minimized but the console stays...if I want to see the game window and the console I have to minimize the gui and restore the game window.
If I minimize the console,it will minimize the gui too but if I want to view the console again,I have to restore the console(the gui will also be restore too)minimize the gui and restore the game window.

My windows are placed in groups in the taskbar and it's real pain sometimes to restore the window I want.

The gui is minimizing the game window.
The console is minimizing the gui.
The console is restoring the gui.
The gui is restoring the game window.

Only minimizing/restoring the game window don't minimize/restore anything else

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Hmm. Sounds like a definite bug. Minimizing the main window is supposed to minimize the console, not the GS output -- and only if the console is positionally docked/linked to the main window.

Should be easy for me to fix; though it'll have to wait until next week. I'm without internet for the rest of this week, starting now. Glare
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Ok thanks.
Rather than making a new thread with the same question,I'm reviving this one.

So any progress on this after almost 2 years?
The GS window is still minimized when you minimize the gui and restored when you restored the gui.
yep true .. Smile

however i don't know why you want to minimize the GUI and the GS window have the higher priority in showing up in the screen Smile
I want when I minimize the gui to not minimize the GS window...I don't want any other window to minimize it.

I use pcsx2 with all 3 windows opened and the GS window is not maximized\full screen(I'm making cheats and I have to use the gui sometimes)'s just annoying when I'm switch windows
ALT-TAP maybe ?
(08-20-2012, 01:26 PM)abdo123 Wrote: ALT-TAP maybe ?

Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.
OK -_-

he is a PC expert more than both of us Wink
I'm kinda like hotkeys hater Tongue2
I rarely use the keyboard for anything other than typing and using Alt+Tab when you have a lot of windows open with the same icon is real pain.

You could say that I can do what a hotkey can do at least 2 times faster with the mouse...I even have a special key on my keyboard that act as Alt+Tab but I still prefer to use the mouse

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